Many award winning designs have been created under our roof. We listen, think, and create a living aquascpe that is tailored to your dreams and your unique living spaces. All or our customized ecosystems assure long term success and enjoyment. Being the oldest design company in the area has it’s privileges. We have gained the knowledge and have the experience to simplify the process of your dream, this is where we shine. We are also available to come to you for consultations. We will collaborate with your team to design and aquarium that will grace your living space.


After the design phase, the installation phase begins. Our over 30 years of experience in the area is locally unsurpassed. We have installed 1000’s of aquariums, over and we recall on these to insure a great experience during this phase of your dream. From site visits, to installation and scheduling, we provide the turn-key trouble free process from paper to water. Be involved, or sit back and relax, and let our team create your wonder world of water. 


Aquariums are not static, they are like gardens a living growing ecosystem. Like gardens, they need tending to acquire top form and a visual return on your investment. For clients who value our experience and aquascaping artistry, we will develop a cleaning program that will keep your underwater living space amazing. Each program is tailored to your environment and needs to provide crucial service for a successful aquarium.



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