The Fish Factory is inspired by nature!

Everything is connected to nature in some way, trees, flowers, water. We see our business as an opportunity to affect people positively, and in a small way offer a better appreciation for the world around us.

If one customer leaves our location, with a better appreciation for nature, we have achieved our commitment. We like to use mostly organic medicines where possible for treatment of livestock. We are constantly updating our medications and bagging procedures to provide the best humane way to house, maintain, and transport tropical fish.

We are committed to the understanding that this business is about nature, quality, and education of tropical fish and life support ecosystems. This is a result of decades of experience, passion, and creative vision. We want our destination experience to inspire all who enter The Fish Factory. We are endlessly grateful to share our aquatic love with the Milwaukee community and the entire.

Say What?

Take a look at what our customers are saying:

Very empressed
Was at your store recently. I have to say it was a very good experience. It was nice to go into a store that was so clean the tanks were amazing. It was a pleasant change not to see ich in any tank. Thank for such a good experience at your store. I will be returning.Kurt

Steve,I was finally able to get to the office to check out Brandon’s work. OUTSTANDING!!!! The tank looks fabulous!
Give him a big “Atta-boy” for me.Thanks,

We stop often and have always gotten great advice on care for our tank that WORKS. Everybody who works here is very friendly and always is patient with our boys and explains about the different fish. Special thanks to Dan and Rob for all your help.



I just wanted to say that employee Dan had outstanding service today. He always had an answer for every question that I asked. It’s like there was nothing that he couldn’t answer about fish and their habitats. I would recommend him getting a raise or something of the sort because I have never dealt with such a great employee at the fish factory before. Whenever I go to the fish store I always ask for him because he is great!Alex E.

Dan helped us out a lot while we were there, answering every question we had while we picked out fish. He was welcoming, knowledgeable, and overall made it a great experience. Wouldn’t look anywhere else for fish! Thanks Dan!Sarah S.

Dan did a great job helping us pick out fish for our office. He was welcoming, knowledgeable, and could answer any question. It was a great experience and we’re happy to have our new fish. Thanks Dan!Sarah S – New Berlin

We had the employee Dan today at the Fish Factory and he was TREMENDOUS. I knew nothing about fish or how much to feed them coming in until I talked to him. He reminded me to not feed the tiny fish all the time as to that’s how they die so fast. I have heard many stories of fish dying right away and they never knew why. There is nothing that Dan doesn’t know!! He should be running that place by now come on!! If anything he at least needs a raise or promotionJimmy – West Allis



I just wanted to let you know that Dan has been great! I bought a tank and fish for the office and then returned today and bought two more tanks and fish for my kids at home! Dan has been very helpful and professional with everything since this has been the first time we have ever owned fish.
It has been a great experience…thanks Dan!


Thank you for coming over and helping me with my aquarium. Brandon did a great job!Blake H

thanks for convincing me to buy that Texas Cichlid yesterday. He is doing well and won out the bullying contest with my three others. He’s so big, he’s gotta have a name…..Henry!!Amy C

Thanks for all your help today! Steve and his crew are the greatest!!!Dee W

Thanks for the help in relocating my tanks. 4 tanks, tons of fish, not ONE casualty. Brandon is a ninja.Rock S.

Love you guys… wonderful customer service…and healthy plants and fish,.,,great prices….Lori B.

Just want to give a shout out to “The Fish Factory” this is an Awesome Aquatic store for instance my recent experience thursday I took advantage of Flipping Thurday so I flipped for a beautiful Clown Loach fist one was 15% off n Then my brother got 30% off the second one!!Josue O.

Fun first visit today with Steve and the crew.Thanks for your help! I’ll see you again soon. Beautiful plant selection and Gorgeous Betta fish. I’ve named them (of course). They are Feng (wind) and Shui (water). Thank you for a great selection to choose from.Deb J

I got a fish tank for my birthday on September from a friend which was set up and had fish on it;but had been neglected for a long time. He was sick of it and i asked if if he wanted to trade something for the tank he was happy; I WAS OVER JOYED. THE PEOPLE WHO WORK HERE HAVE BEEN VERY HELPFUL, AND RESOURCEFUL MAKING sure our tank would go great and have fish we like; wish list a third one 60 OR A 95 CUBE but we have bills to pay so time will tell.But thanks for all of your help.Pam B

Just wanted to say thanks for the last minute shopping Monday night – sales rep was awesome and quite helpful – good job!!  All the corals are doing great!!Dawn R

Thanks for hooking me up with the aquarium today! It looks great!Blake S

I totally miss you guys. Since moving to Oak Harbor, WA a little island just north of Seattle, they have one pet store. They carry salts, but your prices, stock and knowledge does not compare. I wish I had the funds to franchise you out here. I miss everyone


Theresa G

Today I had to for the first time clean out and restart an Odyssea CFS4 aquarium filter. With few instructions I visited your store to get information on and purchase parts/items to be replaced during this process.Brian helped me find the items and offered extra instructions regarding this process. After I got home and got the process going, I called the store to make sure I had the doses of product correct. Brian answered the phone and willing gave me the information, then said “if you have trouble getting it started call me back.”


I did have trouble, called back, got Brian and he was extremely helpful and patient. When I finally felt it was going to work from that point, Brian praised my work and we closed the conversation. I did thank him several times and will do it again here.

I called back when all was done, told him he deserved a raise and thanked him again. In this day and age, with so much poor customer service in alot of places this was a great and refreshing experience, in good customer service, for me. It is a pleasure doing business with your staff.

Thanks again, Brian.

Milwaukee, WI

The Fish Factory helped us create a very special tank for our family to celebrate our disabled son’s 13th birthday. From searching for just the right stand to match our decor to the decorations and Spongebob theme the kids would enjoy with the colorful and beautiful fish we needed, The Fish Factory made it all happen. We chose monthly maintenance for our tank. The service is consistently outstanding and helps us learn more each time about the fish and our tank.
The Fish Factory is always there to answer any questions and add the perfect fish to our tank! The customer service assistance is outstanding anytime it’s needed.Steve, Thank you for everything!
Pam, Mike, Johnny & Briana



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