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Covid-19 and The Fish Factory

We want to continue to be your destination for Tropical Fish and needed Supplies during this
Crisis and keep our employees paid, but also want to remain safe. We planned ahead and are
well stocked to take us well into April. We are currently talking with officials and we remain open
at this time and abide by all mandated rules. Please see the new rules below.

#1) Until further notice, we will reduce our hours as of Monday 3-23
Monday-Saturday 10-7 Sunday 12-6.

#2) Only 10 people in the shop at all times including our employees. Please refrain from bringing
in the whole family, or just hanging out as before, we love you but we need to reduce the number
of people in the shop. Plan on spending about 10 minutes in the shop. So if you know what you need
to keep your pets going, let us know and we can gather your items quickly. You can also call us and
give us your order and we can have prepared for you when you arrive or bring out to you.

#3) Please keep social distancing in place while in our shop.

#4) If you feel sick in ANY way, please stay home and call us at 414-546-2201 we can prepare anything
for you and bring to the curb front. We are working on getting the whole shop online!

#5) We are cleaning shop/handles/counters/floors etc. many times a day as well as we provided
a distance crowd barrier around our register area to protect you and our staff. These are
unprecedented times! Stay safe we love you and our staff and will move and shake as we go.

This is a liquid situation and may change, updates will be done on Facebook.

Milwaukee’s Source for Aquarium Inspiration

At it’s heart, The Fish Factory is a proud, family owned local company established in 1986. The goal is always to provide, not just advertise, the best healthy fish in a clean attractive environment. From marine & freshwater fish, to state of the art products, it's all here. Coupled with custom designed aquariums, and being the oldest maintenance firm in the area, we are your one stop shop. We want to you get excited about aquarium keeping.



Our focus is on direct importing 90% of our livestock. We use a unique disease treating program. All livestock must pass inspection before releasing to you. This takes our staff about 40 hours a week, just to maintain the quality you see at our location. Since 1986 we have shown pride in our shop, livestock and our excellence in customer service. We welcome you to a new experience in tropical fish keeping. We invite you to our beautiful, national award winning aquatic gallery of fish and supporting items to mentor you into the aquarium of your dreams.

The Aquatic Experience

When you arrive at The Fish Factory, you will instantly be greeted by 100’s of clean underwater environments teaming with tropical fish from around the world. This provides you with design ideas of what you can do with your own aquarium design. As you continue your journey through, you will notice natural sections to inspire you to "go green". Using living corals, aquatic plants and supporting natural hardscape, you can let your imagination run free.

Let us assist you in working on your natural interior in a fun relaxed environment. Freshwater not your thing? No problem, continue your walk through to the living reef, a 2000 sq foot retreat dedicated to marine fish and corals. In this Caribbean themed showroom, your dreams begin. Many of our customers have described The Fish Factory as a tropical oasis graced with, beauty, warmth and style.

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