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Hi, I'm Steve owner and president of The Fish Factory, welcome to our website. The Fish Factory has been in the tropical fish business since 1986. When I first opened I didn't know if I would make it a week , and now it's been over 25 years! I know you have other choices when it comes to shopping for your Tropical Fish Hobby and I appreciate you choosing The Fish Factory. Our staff is second to none, and it is solely because of their caring about you that has made us who we are today. We ship all our fish directly from over 17 countries around the world and now you can track what we ordered and have coming in here. We then quarantine these fish and make sure they are the best for your home aquarium, we are the hardest working tropical fish store in the state. We offer free water tests, awesome advice, the best sale promos in the industry, huge saltwater and freshwater selections, live plants, supplies, custom aquariums, and aquarium maintenance. The Fish Factory is the oldest aquarium service company in Wisconsin. Look around our website, have fun and let us know if you need anything. We are here for you. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter. It is this the best way to get the most up-to-date info and super specials just for website customers. The Fish Factory was established in 1986, and has grown to be the largest custom aquarium firm in the state - providing design, installation and maintenance services to residential and commercial customers. Our store boasts 5000 sq ft of unique displays featuring marine fish, freshwater fish, live plants, live and frozen food, invertebrates, live rock and live corals. A direct importer of tropical fish from over 17 countries, new fish arrive every week. We quarantine all marine fish for 3 days before releasing for sale to ensure the good health of all our fish. After quarantine, we put a live video on Facebook so you can see all of our new arrivals for sale. The Fish Factory is dedicated to providing the best tools, knowledge and support to make your aquarium a success. We even offer free water testing at our store! Remember..."if it swims, we sell it"

Remember..."if it swims, we sell it"



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